VaBo Consult is a consultancy company that provides services to support proposals as well as already running projects in the field of science and education.
We offer expertise in proposal writing, project management, communication and outreach, and deliver custom-made training on various topics.

Our three core values

Set high standards for proposals quality and bring project management and implementation efficiency to a next level.
Strategise, envision, and document – these things are at the core of our approach in projects and operation as a company.
Support underrepresented countries in EU projects in the areas of science and education and provide awareness of existing and future funding possibilities.


Take a look at the portfolio of specific services we can offer right away. Please note that the information in this section is not exhaustive, and we are open to a dialog to discuss other options which may be not mentioned within the packages overview.
You are really overwhelmed with that report which has to be produced in your project, or you are tired of sending all those repeating reminders to partners to have their input on time? We are here for you!
We offer to analyse the state of things in your project, help with defining the missing parts, setting the processes to reach project milestones on time, monitoring of performance and reminders on what is coming next in order to steer the project to successful delivery by helping manage it.
We can take routine (read - boring) things on our plate, so you can breathe freely and focus on things that matter much more for the implementation of the project (actual research, for instance).
Communication is key to moving forward with your project. Making partners work as one living organism is a tough call and we are up to this challenge.
Thanks to effective outreach different audiences will understand what your project, idea, research is about. We mastered our ability to talk to various audiences and explain complex scientific phenomena in terms that are appealing to the audiences outside scientific circles.
By utilizing different dissemination tactics we will make the results of your project known across various communication channels. And yes, we can help you choose the communication channels through which your voice will be heard and develop an impactful dissemination strategy.
We also offer various types of training for these aspects so that after the training you feel confident in disseminating the project achievements, talking the to public and making the biggest possible impact.
Suppose, you have an idea that can bring you money and fame, however, you are puzzled with the ways you can get funds for it...
Providing awareness in the context of opportunities, delivering information about funding opportunities to you, is one of our priorities. To make sure you and your colleagues are aware of the palette of funds out there waiting for your application we organise training sessions and make presentations about this specific matter. If you want to know how and where to look for funding opportunities specifically targeted at your idea and how to increase your chances of winning, we can help you with that.
Another aspect of our training is how to disseminate your idea to targeted audiences and build a strategy to reach your goals. How to talk to investors and be clear about your idea can be a key to success, and – good news! - this can be trained and fostered, too!
Should you need support in writing a proposal and making your words appealing to the grant-keepers, we provide expertise in (re-)writing and evaluating proposals by supplying you with specific feedback for improvement.
We can support you by evaluating already existing text and pointing at the strengths that should be emphasised and weaknesses that have to be strengthened. By doing so we will equip you with information that can raise the quality of proposals and, thus, the chances of winning.
Keen to invite us as a partner? Do not hesitate to contact us for partnership opportunities, and we will gladly consider this option. We are just one email away from you!
At VaBo Consult we believe in a need-specific approach. That is why we work with each customer to identify what is important for them and build a tailored-maid package with the services that are picked up from different packages here.
In case some elements of your interest are not mentioned or you want to focus on a specific area, please let us know via the contact form, and we would be happy to find synergies for possible collaboration.


Upon agreement of what is included in the services that VaBo Consult will be delivering, the fee for such services is to be discussed.
The average rate per day (one working day is eight hours long) varies and depends on the type of tasks and duration of collaboration. For example, the training services prices depend on the duration of a training session plus preparation of a custom-made training, type of training (either online or face to face), number of participants, and other things that may be included upon request.


Please contact us so that we shape the way we can collaborate together.
Send us a message via the online form below, and we will be happy to discuss with you possible offers. Please note it might take up to two working days to respond to your message, but be sure we will make contact with you.
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